To our wonderful clients:

We miss you all, we miss working, we miss our friends, we miss our work family.  We are scared for our business and our team's financial stability.

We are thankful for our community and those that are still able to work wether safely/smartly in their businesses or at home.  For our healthcare workers and system, our manufacturing, our political leaders, our first responders, for all of you who will carry our economical catastrophe that is happening right now. 

For those that do not know those of us working in  the salon industry many and most of us are self employed. And although that normally has much benefits, we are far from any normalcy right now. We pay for our own  health insurance, we pay into our own taxes, etc..., and we DO NOT qualify for unemployment. Although that may change, that is our reality right now. So you can understand that yes.. we would much rather be working.

BUT... The State of Illinois governor announced today that we have to remain closed until May 30, 2020. Wether we agree or disagree we will abide and respect this decision. This is scary for a lot of us and we are keeping track of everyone’s appointments and will contact you to reschedule. Just like everyone else, we are not sure how this is all going to work, but we are all trying our hardest to get through this.  #weareinthistogether

We wish we could do your hair, nails, skin...those furry bodies but for everyone’s safety and our future career, we cannot.  Please do not ask one of us to come to your house, it puts our license at risk and you also can be fined. (Not to mention the health risk).

Stay healthy... Your Alter Ego Spalon Team

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Cut & Color
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located directly across from northwood's mall,

nestled in between interstate battery and eyeglass world.

Massage Therapy
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Favorite Product: Brilliance Cream.  Leaves the hair looking vibrant and shiny. It controls frizz, is color safe and clients love how it smells.

Jackie specializes in all hair services, airbrush tanning, facial waxing and eyelash extensions.Type your paragraph here.

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Favorite Product: GK Hair Taming Shampoo and Conditioner.  Not only does it strengthen dry brittle hair, it also helps protect your hard earned color.  Also keeps non-colored hair nice and shiny. 

Sheila specializes in all hair services & massages, including pregnancy and deep tissue and also performs facial waxing and airbrush tanning.

Haircut Blowdry
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Favorite Product: Sexy Hair Surf Rider Texturizing Mousse.  It gives a lot of body & texture to the hair wether you blow or just wash and go.
Andrea specializes in all hair services.

Body Sugaring
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Jennifer specializes in all things nails. Acrylics, Gel Polish Manicure, Pedicures & More

A gift certificate is always a good idea for that person that has everything and deserve a bit of pampering and self indulgence!

Total Body Nirvana
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Favorite Product: Caviar RepairX Cream.  It works on all hair types. I love it after chemical services to fill in porous ends, clients love how their hair feels more manageable and silky and it is never too heavy on fine hair.

Brigitte specializes in all hair services.

4530 N Brandywine Dr | Peoria | IL | 61614

309-688-1003  |

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Favorite Product: Kendi Oil.  It works with all hair types, providing awesome moisture, heat protection and added shine.

​Cassie specializes in all hair services, including hair extensions & hair taming treatments and also does special effects makeup and airbrush tanning.

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Favorite Product:  Eminence Sun Defense Minerals. I love the sun, so carrying this with me at all times helps me to continue to protect my skin.  I also have oily skin (which is a blessing in disguise) and using this powder does not clog my pores or make me feel more oily.

Cassi specializes in all things skin. From facials and airbrush makeup, to Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels. Body treatments and wraps to Body Sugaring hair removal, including Brazilians.